Oceanside Boat Club

All the Fun of Owning a Boat. None of the Hassles.

Oceanside Boat Club is unlike any other, offering:


OBC keeps a fleet of boats ready for members. Enjoy cruising, sightseeing, entertaining & fishing on boats you can be proud of.


Our experienced and friendly staff takes care off the cleaning, maintenance, repairs, storage, and insurance. You’ll be free of everything except the fun.


Membership costs are a small fraction of ownership or daily rentals. Enjoy all the pleasures of boating without the cost and obligations of ownership.


All you need to do is go online to reserve your boat, arrive at the doc, and simply top off the fuel when you return from your fun adventure.

NO slip fees • NO Boat Maintenance • NO high cost loans • NO insurance costs

Cool Memories

Club Adventures and Boating Freedom



New Boat in the Club

Sea Fox 226 Commander

Designed to exceed the needs of the most demanding Captain, as well as accommodate his family. As Fisherman and boating enthusiasts we believe it is important to provide all of the necessities for the serious fisherman, but then go further and design family-friendly amenities into each model to truly offer a distinctive and versatile vessel.

Member's Only 18' Duffy

Good for 8 Persons.

Membership Levels

Membership Levels


$3,100 initiation

$400 / Month
  • Half or full day weekdays
  • Half day weekends
  • Rental fleet 10% off
  • Total 1st year: $7900
  • SAVE $395 - 5% off if paid in full: $7505


$2,100 initiation

$400 / Month
  • Half day weekdays
  • Rental fleet 15% off (weekends)
  • Total 1st year: $6900
  • SAVE $345 - 5% off if paid in full: $6555



Q: What other expenses can I expect?

A: Fuel used and a possible cleaning charge

Q: How many days can I go boating in a year?

A:Unlimited, as long as the boats are available

Q: How many reservations can I make?

A: Unlimited, but no more than 2 reservations in a 30 day period. Admiral level = 60 day period.

Q: Do you provide lifejackets?

A: Yes, we provide lifejackets for all ages.

Q: Do you provide fishing poles?

A: Not at this time.

Q: How many people are allowed to use my membership?

A: One additional adult is allowed on the membership.

Q: Is my membership transferable?

A: Yes, you may transfer your membership after 1 year.

Q: Do you require boat experience to join?

A: No experience is required. Mandatory training is provided.

Q: Who can I bring with me?

A: Anyone, as long as the Member or alternate member is present.

Q: What happens if there is an accident? Is insurance included in my membership?

A: Insurance is included in the price of membership. However, each Member is responsible for any vessel damage up to the $2,500 deductible.

Q. How do I reserve a boat?

A: Reservations can be made online at our website.

Q: During what hours am I allowed to use the boats?

A: Our operating hours vary depending on the season and weather.

Q: What do I need to do to return a boat?

A: Top off the fuel and tidy up after yourself. The OBC crew will do the rest.

Q: Can I fish on the boats?

A: Yes, fishing is allowed on our powerboats only.

Q: Can I go boating at other locations?

A: Yes, with our admiral membership you have access to all of our rental locations.

Q: What type of boats do you have?

A: Center Console powerboats, electric boats & more to come!

Membership ( Captain Level ) Ownership ( $60,000, 6% over 5 years )
Deposit/Fee $3100 $6000
Payments $400 per month $1000 per month
Slip rental $0 $330 per month
Insurance $0 $75 per month
Maintenance $0 $100 per month
1st year cost $7,900 year $24,060 year
$4,800 year $18,060 year

Join with a friend & split the cost!


Why own a boat when you have access to a fleet of boats for less than 1/3 the cost of ownership!

*These FAQs are intended for general information purposes only. The OBC Membership Agreement and Rules and Regulations shall govern in all events. No representations or warranties are expressed or implied by these FAQs. Updated 5/2018

Information Request

Information Request


  1. Telephone OBC’s office at 855-690-0794 x2 or go online to our website to make a reservation for a boat available at the time and day you want.
  2. On the day of your reservation, pick up the boat and fill out a pre-outing checklist with OBC staff member.
  3. All boats are equipped with adult life vests. If you have children under 12, Coast Guard approved personal flotation are available if needed.
  4. Enjoy your time on the lake.
  5. When returning, top off the fuel you used, then remove your trash and personal items before returning the boat to OBC.
  6. Return the boat to a OBC representative for a post-outing check.
That’s all there is to it. We do the cleaning and make sure the fleet is ready for the next Member’s pleasure boating.


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