Harbor Fun

Harbor Fun

Experience the awe and beauty of theQueen Mary, an international steamer brought to Long Beach in 1967.

She is an example of the best of her class. Massive cruise ships, freighters and mega-tankers are dwarfted by her hulls as they cruise into one of the largest commercial harbors in the world. Circle inside the breakwater and enjoy the beautiful skyline of Long Beach and its pristine beaches. Life is good in Long Beach where boating is a way of life.

In-Harbor (Electric Boats, Pontoons and 9.9 hp Powerboats)

Offshore (40-75 hp Powerboats and Jet Skis)

Power Boats

Power Boats

Fulfill the need for speed, or cruise the harbor in our power boats, great for the whole family. Comfortable seats make for a smooth ride, perfect for viewing the sights and sounds of the bay. Or you can step up the pace and power into the Pacific. Select the right size and power for your experience to best enjoy your day along the California coastline.

9.9 Hp Powerboat

Perfect for a relaxed cruise, or those with limited experience operating boats in the ocean. This 17′ power boat offers comfortable seats for up to 6 passengers (including children).


Passenger Capacity: 6
Engine: 9.9 HP


Per Hour: $85
Per Two Hours: $130

40 Hp Powerboat

View the Queen Mary up close and the pristine Long Beach coastline. Pass by tankers from around the world in this largest of harbors going about 15-20 MPH. Boat seats up to 6 persons including children.


Passenger Capacity: 6


Per Hour: $110
Per Two Hours: $175

75 Hp Powerboat

A sleek vessel with a high performance engine. Great for coastal sightseeing and viewing the Queen Mary up close and personal. Boat goes between 25-30 MPH.


Passenger Capacity: 6
Engine: 75 HP


Per Hour: $135
Per Two Hours: $215

Electric Boats

Duffy Electric Boats

Duffy electric boat rentals in Long Beach offer a quiet boating experience. Easy to drive, the Duffy is recommended for boaters of all experience levels. An approximate cruising speed is 5 knots. Batteries hold a minimum charge of six hours. The Duffy is perfect for enjoying the harbor and its many sights or relaxing at the end of a busy day.

21’ Electric

View the Queen Mary up close and the pristine Long Beach coastline. Pass by tankers from around the world in one of the largest harbors SoCal has to offer. Plush upholstery. Boats are not equipped with enclosures.


Passenger Capacity: 12


Per Hour: $105
Per Two Hours: $170


Pontoon Boats

Whatever you’re looking for on the water, our pontoon deck boat rentals provides the platform. This luxurious and innovative pontoon boat has it all; clean and quiet outboard power, onboard entertainment center, spacious dual facing lounger and more. The functional and stylish helmstand gives every captain ultimate confidence, and ample storage lets you bring everything you need onboard for a day on the bay.

20′ Pontoon Boat

Designed for comfort, you and 9 of your guests (any age) can enjoy an afternoon in Long Beach aboard our Harris 20 foot FloteBote pontoon boat. Equipped with a stereo radio with i-Pod hook-up for your entertainment, bring your lunch, snacks and refreshments to enjoy during your cruise. Dogs are not allowed and there is no fishing from our pontoon boats.


Passenger Capacity: 10


Per Hour: $115
Per Two Hours: $180


Jet Ski / Wave Runner

For sheer excitement and an unbelievable ride, come enjoy one of our new Yamaha Waverunners. It’s a real E-Ticket. Speeds in-harbor must be maintained to idle-throttle. Offshore you control the thrills. $500 deposit per jet ski required in cash or on a credit card.

Jet Ski

For sheer excitement and an unbelievable ride, come enjoy one of our waverunners. Built to accommodate one or two people, the waverunner provides a water adventure that is too much fun.

All participants are required to be 16 years or older to ride, 18 years or older to drive and must know how to swim.

Note: a valid ID is required for both the driver and passenger.


Passenger Capacity: 2


Per Hour: $125
Per Two Hours: $180





Long Beach Grand Prix

  • Long Beach Boat Rentals will be closed April 12th-19th during the Grand Prix
  • Rentals will resume on April 20th at 11am
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to the docks. If you are running behind, give our office a call and we will do our best to adjust your reservation if able
  • Several road closures and heavy traffic in the area before and after the race. Please allow for additional time for driving and finding parking. Approximate directions to use during this time:
    • 1. From the 710 South take exit 1C towards Downtown Long Beach
    • 2. Take a slight left turn onto W. Broadway
    • 3. Turn right onto Magnolia Ave.
    • 4. Turn left onto Ocean Blvd.
    • 5. Turn right onto Alamitos Ave/Shoreline Drive
    • 6. You will then be directed into the parking lot by Alfredo’s Beach Hut
    • 7. Follow traffic to the back of the parking lot, across the bike path and into the adjacent parking lots
    • 8. Follow the parking lots down to Shoreline Village

General FAQs

Q: Do you need experience to rent a boat?
A: No experience is necessary to drive our boats. We can teach you everything you need to know before you leave our dock. We do suggest novice boaters or customers with little boating experience take our smaller boats.

Q: What do I need to rent a boat?
A: We require a matching credit/debit card and photo ID from someone over the age of 18 years old.

Q: Do I need to sign a contract?
A: Yes, all boats require a contract to be signed by a legal adult who will be onboard the boat.

Q: Is a deposit required?
A: Yes, most boats require a $500 deposit.

Q: Do you offer insurance?
A: No.

Q: How old do you have to be to drive the boats?
A: All drivers must be over the age of 18.

Q: How old do passengers have to be?
A: There is no age limit, though some boats have safety requirements.

Q: How many people are allowed on the boats?
A: Each boat has a maximum capacity, please check the specific boat you are renting. All persons regardless of age count towards the maximum capacity.

Q: Are lifejackets required?
A: While strongly recommended for everyone, the U. S. Coast Guard only requires passengers under the age of 13 to wear lifejackets at all times.

Q: Do you provide life jackets?
A: Yes, we provide life jackets for all sizes.

Q: Where do I park?
A: Parking can be found in Shoreline Village. Although we do not validate, any shop or restaurant you visit can provide 2 hours of parking for $2.

Q: Where are you located?
A: Since we are on the dock, the closest address to our location is the Yardhouse Restaurant 401 Shoreline Village Dr. Long Beach CA 90802. Our office is located on the opposite side of the restaurant as the parking lot.

Q: Can we bring food and drink on the boats?
A: Absolutely, highly recommended. Space is limited on the boats; call our office for more details.

Q: Can we bring alcohol on the boat?
A: Yes, however the driver is not allowed to consume alcohol.

Q: Do you allow fishing?
A: No, we do not allow fishing off of any our boats.

Q: Do you allow swimming off your boats?
A: Swimming is not permitted off any motorized watercraft, it is against the law.

Q: Do you allow pets?
A: Pets are only allowed in the powerboats.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: We require 24 hours advance notice to cancel a reservation.

Q: What are the weather conditions?
A: Check the Weather Forecast for Long Beach

Q: Can I reserve a boat for the same day?
A: Yes, same day reservations can be called into our office or reserved online up to 2 hours in advance.

Q: Can we hire your company to drive the boat for us?
A: No.