Jet Skiing for Beginners

There are tons of water sports to choose from and a very good example is jet skiing. This is one of the most popular and exciting water sports that you can participate in especially during summer, and we can tell you that it is a whole lot of fun!

If you never rode on a jet ski, safety might probably be your biggest concern at this point. You might be asking yourself, “Is it really safe? Can I do this? What if I lost control?” Don’t worry, every beginner has asked those questions, and now those beginners are out there jet skiing all they want!

At Boat Rentals of America, safety is our #1 priority. We do regular inspections to ensure that our jet skis are always in top condition. So, that’s a good start, isn’t it? Additionally, our dock hands are ready to provide assistance and guidance on how to ride a jet ski. And as a head start, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Gear Up: You will be provided with a life jacket in case you find yourself in the water. This is an essential gear that will keep you afloat, and even some of the most experienced and professional swimmers wear one. Once you have it on, make sure that it is fastened properly.

Prepare the Shut-Off Clip: Before you start skiing, you will have to make sure that the engine shut-off clip (safety key) is securely attached to your life jacket. If you ever lose balance and fall into the water, this will ensure that the engine is switched off automatically so that your jet ski will stop next to you.

Take It Slow: Don’t attempt to start off at a high speed. Place your hands firmly on the handles of the jet ski and slowly increase your speed to slightly rise above the water. At this point, you should engage the throttle and maintain your speed at the lowest level which is around 10mph or less. Once you get the hang of it, you can gradually increase your speed. The more you practice, the more fun and adventure you will eventually have.

Making a Smooth Landing: Depending on how fast you’re going as you cruise through the water, your jet ski might fly into the air for a few seconds. If this happens, you have to raise yourself a few inches above your seat in order to reduce the impact when your jet ski settles back on the water surface. Don’t freak out. This is actually one of the things that make jet skiing such an exhilarating sport!

Additional Tip: If you are a beginner, be aware of the water you will be jet skiing on. It is advisable to refrain from skiing in unfamiliar places, especially if there are other water vehicles in the area.

Jet skiing is a sport packed with fun and adrenaline rush which is why a lot of people are hooked. If you are a beginner, don’t fear because this is a safe activity. Keep in mind that all professional jet skiers have been in your shoes at one point. Take necessary precautions, practice, and follow these tips. Before you know it, you will be on your way to enjoying the sport without any professional assistance. Boat Rentals of America offers jet ski rentals and other boats that you can try out for an exciting experience this summer.