Your first question might be, “What exactly is hydroflying?” Well, for the latest in extreme water sports that rivals surfing and wake boarding, let us introduce you to the closest thing (and a cheaper version) to a jet pack. Hydroflying is basically a device that is propelled into the air using the power of a PWC. The water pressure from the hose pushes you up towards the sky, allowing you to feel like you’re flying! This new and innovative water sport is very popular, and for a very good reason – it is simply an exhilaratingly fun sport.

With everything that’s new, however, most people get intimidated and a little scared to even try it. And since it’s a new sport, it’s hard to determine whether or not it’s something for you, or if you’re better off just passing on the experience. For anyone in this dilemma, we give you every common question asked and their answers about hydroflight, the experience and what to expect.

When you watch people hydroflying and see how it works, it’s common to get cold feet to try it. This is because it’s a new type of experience, and you can’t really compare it to any other experience (unless you actually do own a jet pack). Usually the questions that come to mind are; can I do this, or can I even stand up and fly? Here are answers to the very common first-timer questions.

1. Is there a weight limit?
Yes. You should be between 100lbs to 300lbs to participate

2. How high can you fly?
All hydroflight equipment is capable of flying up to 30 feet in the air, but only professionals usually accomplish this height. There is a lot of balancing and technique to do. For most beginners, they usually reach 5 to 10 feet in the air. But hey, if you are a beginner, you definitely like the sound of 10 feet anyway.

3. What is the suitable attire?
Wetsuits are perfect during cold days by the lake, but well-fitted swimwear for both boys and girls are perfectly fine, too. As long as you are comfortable in whatever you are wearing, especially since you will be in and out of the water, then you are good to go.

4. Is it safe?
Yes! Hydroflight is completely safe. Additionally, you will be assisted and guided by professionals who can control the power, adapting to your capabilities to help maximize the experience. Of course you will fall off balance, especially if you are a beginner, but there is really nothing to worry about as you will be plunging into refreshing water!

Hydroflight is an exciting and fun activity. So, if you find yourself swamped with these questions, now you know the answers. May these help you feel at ease to go for it! You will definitely not regret giving it a try.