5 Things That Beginners Often Overlook When Sailing

Are you trying to learn how to sail? It’s exciting, thrilling and a little overwhelming, but the end goal is completely worth all the effort. For anyone venturing into the world of sailing, there’s a lot to consider, a lot to learn and a lot to think about every time you go out in the water. With all the energy and excitement, it is common for beginners to overlook some essential things that set the difference between a good sailing experience and one that is a complete disaster. Here are some important things to keep in mind.

1. Pick a good day.
Learning how to sail is definitely very exciting that beginners often find themselves wanting to sail all the time, trying to practice as often as they can.
Having the mindset that practice makes perfect will surely help you learn and master a lot of things, but this should not make you ignore other essential things such as checking the weather for the day. How your sailboat generally behaves and how safe you are out in the water all depend on the weather conditions of the day you choose to sail. If you ever forget to check the weather and the wind and wave conditions, you are putting yourself at risk. Imagine yourself getting caught up in a storm with only beginner’s knowledge and skill under your belt. You certainly don’t want to end up in that situation.

2. ALWAYS have someone who is experienced.
When learning how to sail a boat, it is vital that you have someone on board who knows what he is doing. There are a lot of technical and very confusing things and steps you need to know when handling a sailboat. And as a beginner, you may not always be on top of everything that’s happening on your boat. Another factor to consider is the possibility of something going wrong and out of your control. You need the company and assistance of someone who is experienced in sailing, one who can guide and teach you how to manage certain scenarios and read the weather and water conditions.

3. Dress appropriately.
Sailing is quite a physically demanding activity which is why it is important to wear something secure, warm and comfortable.Secure because you’ll be moving around, sometimes in a rush, and you do not want uncomfortable wardrobe malfunction. Warm because most of the time it is colder out at sea than it is by the shore. And comfortable because you don’t want to be distracted by anything, especially an unbearable outfit. Also, wear a pair of non-slip, non-marking closed shoes and have your life vest on before going out for a sail.

Safety and comfort are exactly what you need to prioritize when learning how to sail a boat. Always check the weather, have an experienced sailor on board, and choose an appropriate outfit perfect for high energy activities such as maneuvering a sailboat. These tips are a great guide for any new aspiring sailor to assure that you aren’t only safe but are also learning and maximizing every day you’re out in the water.